Coach of the Month Profile: Flannery Wickham

How long have you been with AF:

It will be a year in September!

Hobbies outside of work:

Making playlists on Spotify, cooking, playing with my cat, Tullamore!

Favorite place to travel, or any vacations coming up:

Going to a family reunion in Georgetown, Maine in August. But I am a sucker for the Irish countryside.

Favorite part about working with students:

I have been really fortunate to have a long list of mentors that have shown me how much easier life is when we show up for one another and help lighten each other’s loads. I am honored and excited to become that light and that mentor for our students.

Quote/creed you live by:

“Being fearless isn’t being 100% unafraid, it’s being terrified, but you jump anyway.”

 – Taylor Swift

Chosen method of Self-Care:

Phone calls with my sisters or parents, slow weekend mornings with a good cup of coffee and Tullamore, working out at Sweat Therapy Fitness in Midtown, hosting friends for a get together.

What you’re looking forward to this year in life, at AF:

Entering my second year is exciting – I have the experience of a year under my belt and am ready to make this year my own. Shout out to my coaching team for allowing me to be myself, show my personality, and for always choosing to support me during my first year and beyond. You have no idea how impactful you all have been to me.

Guilty pleasure music/tv show/movie:

Oh goodness, the list is too long. I am oddly addicted to British crime dramas and…..Vanderpump Rules. If you know, you know.

Favorite food:

If you know Rachel McPherson in the Coaching Center, then you know what I mean when I say her sweet treats. I also love queso—keep your eyes peeled, because I usually bring it to AF/ Coaching events!