If you’re anything like me, music is something that you use to get through any sort of day. I constantly have my Spotify running in my office, and if you ever need a dance break, or want to talk Taylor Swift, don’t hesitate to stop by. 🙂

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Music has an undeniable way of lightening any sort of load we might carry—and I personally see it as one of the most important tools in my tool box. Whether the beat or guitar riff helps you relax, or connecting with the words someone else wrote helps you feel less alone—music is so important to our overall balance and mental health.

Understanding that music has this ability, I wanted to share my tool with the rest of our lovely Advising First team. I have carefully crafted three different playlists for three different moods/times. Enjoy!

Get pumped: Ever feel a little drained on your morning commute? Need an extra boost? Turn this on and let it energize you. Sing along, dance along, and have fun!


Chill out: Need good background music as you send routine emails? Need to turn the lights off in your office and escape for a second? PERFECT – turn this one on and take a deep breath.


Get busy: This one is good for when you want music on as you work, but don’t want to fall asleep to the sound of it. Just enough energy to keep you busy, but not enough to send you running through the halls dancing (although, what a treat that would be!). 🙂



About the Writer:

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Flannery Wickham is currently a College Life Coach for our FTIC students in the William Johnston Building. She graduated from Florida State University in 2017 with a degree in Political Science. Just recently, she moved back to Tallahassee from Washington D.C. where she was working in the environmental policy field. When she’s not working, Flannery loves to play/watch basketball (go Noles!), write and read poetry, listen to music, and play with her brand new kitten, Tullamore, (see below – he’s the best, feel free to ask for more photos, you won’t regret it).

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Sweet Tully