This spring, we held a poem contest and invited all advisors and coaches to participate. We accepted many types of poems, whether they were simple limericks, haiku, or four-line ABAB rhymes to Shakespearean-style sonnets in iambic pentameter to free verse. If it was in a poetic format – we accepted it.

The judges had some lovely entries, and ultimately were left with a tough decision to make. After some discussion and calling upon reinforcement for a tiebreaker, we now have a winner (well… three winners)!

1st Place – Danyele Martin, Advisor of Human Sciences

Plan B Hopes and dreams drafted, devised, and deepened.

Some dashed and some demolished.

Others achieved, attained, and accomplished.

Success brought by effort and skill.

Failure may come to some no matter the hours devoted.

Do not fear my friends who are derailed from their path.

You have not failed at life though you may ache of hopelessness.

There is meaning for you still.

Awaken from your sleep and be brave.

2nd Place – Shae Roberts, College Life Coaching Program Manager

Advising First, oh how I love thee,

You gave me a chance to further discover me.

Through the many meetings and one-on-one’s,

I am happy to say that I have grown a ton.

Coaching was new and had never been seen,

These peeps meet with students like coaching machines.

Bathroom breaks are planned a week in advance,

Who knew filling up water bottles would happen by chance.

Days can be tedious and tiredness does ensue,

I hope you know our accomplishments are not possible without you.

So cheers to each coach and I hope your soul-satisfaction increase,

I bet you all wish I could have rapped this piece.    *mic drop*

3rd Place – Rachel Ward, College of Music Advisor

Blooms. Blossoms. Buds. Seeds. Sprouts.

“You’re just a late bloomer,” they said,

“Your time will come. Be patient.” they said,

“You will blossom in your own time.”


Rains fall, clouds blow over, seasons come and go.

Other young buds have sprouted and grown, found their purpose,

their bright colors unfolding for all to see. Beautiful.

Reds, yellows, pinks, blues, green. Like my envy.

Where is my color, my bright new petals, my purpose? Surely my Gardener has forgotten me.

It’s true I have rain, sun, nutrients from the rich, black soil, but I have no path to grow on.


I feel footsteps and hear warm, kind, guiding words more gentle than the morning dew.


They say “You are not alone, you are not damaged goods, you are still growing.

Even the greatest oaks crave and require the most time. Like they, your roots take time to grow deep and make your foundation firm.

Do not envy the wildflowers that are sown, bloom, and fade away into dust.

Your time will come.

Trust. Grow. Drink up the summer rains, and learn all you can from the present.

Late bloomers still bloom.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem. I hope you all had as much fun creating them as we did reading them! It turns out that Advising First has quite the poetic team.