Advisors might be described as the expeditors of an old-fashioned search engine of good classes to take.

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Now days we have Google, but one cannot depend on new age technology for everything, especially certain advising prowess like Five Star classes!

This is where yours truly comes into play. I am Willy Leparulo and I am a part of the blog team within the Advising First Social Media taskforce. Today, we will  bring  you an acute piece of knowledge called the “Five Star Classes.”

You might be thinking to yourself…


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“What on Earth is a Five Star class?” Well Gents, they are the best classes to get one out of that student vs. class skirmish. They contribute towards a well-balanced class schedule while satisfying the liberal studies requirements. They also present unique and interesting curriculum that repeatedly receive positive feedback from students. These are your monopoly-esq “get out of jail” list of classes to help you better do your job!


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Picture it: a student of any year missing two or more general education requirements that they should have completed earlier, but did not. Now you step in with a class or classes that will save the day.

You are the HERO!


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Now before we lose our minds with this hero status, there are certain requirements that must be met to be considered a five star class:

  • Be taught at FSU. Many classes are on the books, but not that many are actually offered semester after semester.
  • Rigor appropriate. Students do not flock to classes because there are 10 papers and an exam every week, they must be “doable.”
  • Meet general education requirements: history, humanities, e-series, scholarship-in-practice, multi-cultural, and so forth.

Here are some of my favorites and why:


IFS 2020: The Blindness Experience

Requirements: E-series, Scholarship-in-Practice, Multicultural Y

Depending on one’s level of comfort in learning about myths, misconceptions, and fears associated with blindness, this could be a great class! Yes, there are even blind folded experiences involved. Don’t worry the teacher, Mickey Damelio, is an expert in the field and won’t lead the students astray. Learn about the visually impaired like never before and get a great number of requirements out of it, along with some amazing insight!


CLT 3378: Ancient Mythology, East and West

Requirements: Scholarship-in-Practice, Multicultural X, Writing course, Humanities

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There are kinds of foods called super foods (blueberries, kale, etc.) well this is just like that, except in the form of an academic class!

It covers four general education requirements, is consistently taught, and not a bad class either! Students who enjoyed popular Hollywood movies like Clash of the Titans and Troy will probably enjoy this class. Of course, there is going to be some reading involved, so those students claiming that literacy is not their friend had better kiss and make up quickly.


MUH 2019: Modern Popular Music

Requirements: Humanities, Multicultural Y

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Can you tell the difference between country music and death metal? Do you know who The Beatles are? Are you familiar with classics sung in the shower or in a dingy karaoke bar? If so, then jump on board for another five star class, as it not only hits two of the general education requirements, but it is ALWAYS taught and NEVER failed. The class covers the cultural, social, economic and even political conditions evident in the music studied. This is like a history class with cool tunes to tote. A go-to class for me, always.

Those are just a few of the Kernels of Knowledge for you all.


Until next time,

Willy Leparulo, Advising First Pre-Engineering Advisor