This Spring 2017 marks the first time my fellow Advising First advisor, Schanell Hylton, and I applied to the Region 4 conference for NACADA (a higher education academic and advising conference) in Jackson, Mississippi. Our goal was to present on an issue we had encountered within our site in the College of Business and provide possible solutions for our professional colleagues.

Students are increasingly entering college with credits earned from APs, IB, Dual Enrollment, or AICE. Scenarios such as these may deem such students as “accelerated” depending on their major. For the purposes of this presentation, students entering college with more than 3 relevant courses towards their liberal studies or major prerequisites are considered “accelerated”. However, many majors have course-specific prerequisites that need to be completed before they are able to enter their intended major. Even with completed “accelerated” credits, students may have to wait to apply to their major or program. Some may decide to complete other requirements in order to await departmental decisions.

The presentation we will speak about surrounds the viable options students can employ if they find themselves in such a predicament. The examples are drawn from available course listings and productive and/ or professional extracurricular focuses at Florida State University. These may include incorporating minor course work to schedules, adding a language as another course, completing an internship during the school year for course credit (e.g. ECP or ERP course credit from the Career Center), earning a certificate, or taking electives towards their career goals outside of their major. Many of these resources can be found on our FSU Academic Guide website at

Very soon (March 29-31) we’ll be on our way. So wish us luck!


This article was authored by Stacey Accad, an Academic Advisor for Florida State University’s College of Business.